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Garage Door Troubleshooting

Detecting And Fixing Garage Door Opener Issues

I think that most of you would save money if you would take care of some minor garage door opener problems yourself. I managed to think of several problems that appear the most in BC households, or should I say garages.

We all know that mere pressing of a button or key in the remote does the job – opens and closes the doors. The design of such garage doors incorporates many electronic components, and the failure of any of these can lead to erratic operation of the door. Some of the minor problems can be taken care of without seeking any help from a professional given that you know what the different components of the system are and how they work.

Canadian garage door troubleshooting

The garage door system comprises of optic sensors, transmitters, remote control, tracks, wiring, rollers, motor, chains, door, and switch, etc. The operation of a garage door is rather simple. The door opens when the motor rotates in the clockwise directions. Then, the limit switches make the motor rotate in an anti-clockwise direction, which causes the door to close. These limit switches are very precisely programmed to open and close the door. The rotating motion is converted to mechanical motion by the chains, which causes the opening of the door. Usually, the cause of malfunctioning of the door is due to any of these components. The usual problems that you may come across are:

Non-Responsive Garage Door Opener Remote

If the door can be opened using the internal button but wouldn’t open with the remote, the problem is certainly with the remote. You may replace the batteries and see if it works. It fails to work; you should check its program, using instructions provided by the manufacturer and reprogram it. If it still refuses to work, you need to buy a remote as in all probability the remote itself is defective.

You Can’t Open The Garage Door

Leave aside the remote; the garage door refuses to open even with the internal button. In this case, you need to ensure that the motor is running. There might be some debris on the tracks blocking the movement of the door. If you find everything to be in place and yet the door wouldn’t work, it is time for you to ask for some professional help. It indicates some problem with the opener which could need some repairs.

Garage Door Makes Unusual Noises

The most common reason for this kind of malfunctioning is inadequate lubrication of the tracks. Otherwise, it could be due debris that gets collected in the tracks. So, the correction is very easy. Just clean the tracks of debris and lubricate the same properly.

Opening And Closing On Its OwnCanadian garage door opener repair

If the garage door begins to open or close on its own, most likely there is a short circuit in the wiring or transmitters. First, check the transmitter for any short circuit. A short circuit in the transmitter prompts it to send signal continuously. So, the door appears to be closing entirely, but no sooner the arms run and the carriage surpass the downward limit to hit the header, the action is reversed and the door starts to open. Remove the batteries from the transmitters and try again. If the problem persists, it indicates a short circuit in the wiring and needs replacement.


The present generation of garage door opening systems is technically advanced and uses monitors that display the likely cause of the problem and also its troubleshooting tip. That’s indeed of great help to users of such doors as it saves them the time and trouble of detecting the problem. You can expect such systems to offer trouble free performance if you just take care to perform routine maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer.