4 Things You Must Consider when Buying Garage Doors

4 Things You Must Consider when Buying Garage Doors banner

The quality of garage doors can vary dramatically from one home to the next. Some can withstand a great deal of abuse, while others crumble at the first contact with a basketball. Before investing in what should be a very important purchase, there are a few things that every homeowner should know to look for when shopping for a garage door for their home.


In most cases, the garage door is all that stands between the elements and a good deal of expensive tools, equipment, and keepsakes. A good garage door will seal out the cold, the heat, and the humidity that comes with changes in the weather. To that end, homeowners should look for doors with proper insulation. The best option is usually a two paned door with polyurethane foam insulation between the layers.

This added layer can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs throughout the year, so a little extra initial cost is almost always worth it.


Second, homeowners want a door that is durable and can stand up to regular abuse. Garage doors are often subjected to severe abuses from sports and kids banging into the surface, to bumps from the car and lawn equipment. Steel panel doors can withstand any number of abuses. They often have enough given to flex without breaking if pushed by a car or other large body. High-quality wooden doors can also withstand a good deal of abuse if the wood used is strong and weather resistant. Homeowners should be sure to invest in a door that is thick enough to resist the hard knocks of everyday life.


Good garage doors should also maintain the attractiveness and performance over long periods. Depending on the material of the doors, the life of the garage can vary. For instance, wooden doors, while incredibly attractive, can show wear and tear more easily than can steel lined doors. Wooden doors must be refinished and painted regularly to keep them looking new. Steel doors can likewise rust if not treated properly and kept clear of debris or standing water. Homeowners should inquire as to the average life of the doors they are interested in.


Finally, smart homeowners know that a good garage door is only as good as its warranty program. Most brands come with a standard warranty and will gladly replace any parts that are broken or worn down before their time. However, some cheaper brands or locally supplied doors may not come with an acceptable warranty without extra cost. Homeowners should always make sure that the brand, the seller, or the installer will stand by at least a minimal warranty to replace the product if anything should fail to measure up.

Buying a garage door can be a big decision for a homeowner. The door acts as a considerable part of the face of the home even as it protects the home’s valuables.

The decision to buy a given door should then be taken seriously

At Canadian Garage Doors, we primarily offer customers sectional garage doors for a number of practical reasons. Compared to the other popular design – the one-piece garage door – a sectional takes up significantly less space when it is lifted and is generally a lot more durable. After all, a break in a single part of a sectional garage is easier to repair than damage to the one-piece design, which in many cases makes the entire piece defunct.

No matter what kind of door you choose – be it wood, steel, raised-panel or carriage house – you can rest assured that when you choose Canadian Garage Doors., you are getting the best Minneapolis garage door installation possible. Once your door has been installed, you can call us whenever to make any necessary garage door repairs.