Garage Door Spring Repair

Most modern garage doors have a number of safety features, including infrared stopping mechanisms and pressurized lifting systems. Central to most safely operating garage door system are a set of torsion springs. Over time, though, these springs can wear out, causing them to lose tension and creating a very unsafe situation. Here are a few things, then, that homeowners must know about safe garage door spring replacement.

How Torsion Springs Work

Garage door springs are what keep the door from falling shut from the open position and which help produce resistance when attempting to open the door. They also do a great deal of the actual lifting and careful closing of the door. Mounted to the headboard above the garage, torsion springs work on a principle of counterbalance. They are essentially tightly coiled steel springs wrapped around a steel rod and attached to cable drums at either end. When the door is lifted up, the springs release a great deal of their tension, allowing either the mechanical opener or the individual to take on only a small part of the weight. As the door closes, those springs coil back up and store the tension.

Replacing the Springs

Because torsion springs do a great deal of the heavy lifting on the garage door, they can begin to show wear and tear after just a few years of continuous use. The springs can begin to rust as they are constantly exposed to the elements. They can also snap or break off at a midpoint on the coil, causing an extremely unsafe condition as the garage door becomes unbalanced. If they are showing any signs of wear or disrepair, homeowners may want to undertake a garage door spring replacement project before an accident occurs. Even if only one of the springs is breaking down, homeowners should replace both at the same time, to ensure equal quality and balance across the door.

User Beware

A garage door spring replacement project can be incredibly risky due to the nature of the springs. In fact, replacing torsion springs is one of those things that it is almost always best to the professionals. Because there is a great deal of tension stored in the springs when the door is closed and they are holding a great deal of the weight of the door when it is opened, fiddling with the mechanism can cause either the spring to release with great energy, or the door to come crashing down. Individuals who are unprepared for this can suffer horrible injuries if they aren’t careful. Always be sure to take any and all safety precautions before attempting to replace the springs. If in doubt, always call the professionals.

At Canadian Garage Door Repair We can replace springs on any door (residential, commercial, or industrial) as well as service them.

We can replace springs on:

  • Sectional Doors
  • One piece Doors
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Wood, Metal or Fiberglass
  • Standard to Custom

Emergency/Same Day Service

We stock all sizes of springs on our trucks Basic maintenance/lubrication of door and operator done with all spring replacements.

We use high-quality, galvanized torsion springs to replace your broken torsion springs All of our springs have a minimum 10 year manufacturer warranty (Upgradeable) 20 point safety inspection done with every spring replacement!