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Garage door repair is always a professional’s job that you cannot perform on your own. Some people have this idea of repairing their garage doors on their own but it requires lots of skill and tools to make it work. The complex mechanical structure of garage doors cannot be handled by any ordinary technician as well.

You need very experienced technicians to cope with all of the problems that you face with garage door. Like all ordinary mechanical devices, garage door also shows signs of weariness with the passage of time and it is very important that you keep rectifying all of the faults that appear in your garage door.

Calling  Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge is a very wise choice because you get very experienced technicians to work on your garage door.

These technicians are trained, and they are capable of dealing with different types of garage door mechanisms as well. You just need to call our technicians home, and rest of the job is on our technicians. Most of the times they will rectify all of the garage door related issues within 24 hours or even before that.


Modern garage doors are very convenient, but at the same time, these doors are also very delicate. These doors can become rusty very quickly while nobody likes to have a rusty garage door in front of his house.

Timely replacement of garage door becomes very crucial to maintain your home exterior. People delay garage door replacement due to its expensive nature, but this must not be your approach. You should replace your garage door as soon as you see that it is not working anymore. If you hire a good and experienced technician, he can make garage door replacement very feasible for you.

For example when you call Maple Ridge  Garage Door then our technicians will come, and they will analyze the entire old installation of your garage door.

Unlike rookie professionals that will just tear apart the whole old foundation, our technicians in Maple Ridge will get all of the working parts out of that old installation. These old working parts can be reused in a new installation, and this small step makes a huge impact on the overall budget of garage door replacement. Sooner you replace your garage door, more parts you will get out of your old installation.

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If your garage door springs have become weak, then your garage door will become jerky and slow during opening and closing.

This cannot only look bad but weak garage door springs can also break at any time, and this breakage of springs will make your entire garage door useless.

There is only one reliable solution of weak garage door springs, and that is to replace these springs with heavy duty new springs. Lots of people complain that they cannot afford to install new garage door springs that easily and they need time to get themselves prepared financially.

These people can contact Maple Ridge Garage Door Repair because our technicians are capable of providing you with very precise spring repair services. They can repair your weak garage door springs temporarily, but you should never consider this repair as a permanent solution. You should look to replace these weak springs as soon as possible.