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The Best Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers, the same with any other components of a garage door system, perform an equally significant role as the others. Breakdowns with your garage door opener should always be treated seriously. A difficulty with your opener invites possible security threats and pests’ damage. If you can’t control the opener from closing at a time it is supposed to be closed, it might pose damage to your vehicle.

You can avoid all possible damages by calling Austin Garage Door Mechanics.

It is not easy to identify issues on your garage doors. Below are some of the basic symptoms to see if your garage door needs some repair.


The Motor Produces Noise But Both Belt And Chain Do Not Move

This is the most common issue in any models of garage door openers. There are gears in the housing which are causing the moving up and down mechanisms of the garage door openers. Those are usually made of plastic and would possibly tear off in some time. Unfamiliar noise in your garage door opener indicates that there is something wrong with it.

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Garage Door Opener Is Struggling During Operation

help with the opening and closing of any garage door system. Every opener that is smoothly opening is in a good state; otherwise, there might be an issue. You can perform some “first-aid” actions such as lubricating of tracks, rollers, and hinges but a good talk with a professional would be best.

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Reversing Direction Of The Door After Hitting The Floor

All models of garage door openers are set to a point where it should stop – it could be near the floor or even at the head of the opening. Such could be operated either through remote controls or manually via switches. There are also instances that even the switches or circuit boards need repairs or replacement.

LED Lights

Not all LED light bulbs can interfere with the functioning of garage door openers. However, there are reported cases where it could be an issue. During a sudden malfunction, troubleshooting or turning off any LED lights nearby could be a solution. Otherwise, the opener has an issue.

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How Can We Be Contacted?

If you are looking for professionals you can call us here at Canadian Garage Door Repair Surrey. We repair any garage door opener –

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John Ray

One of my garage doors has been working very roughly, recently stopping repeatedly on the way down. I tried lubricating rollers and replacing the springs – which turned out to be the wrong size, per Home Depot – and got it to the point where it wouldn’t go down at all! I checked Angie’s List and picked this company, based on the ratings and reading the comments. I called around 10 AM today – Saturday – and reached Canadian Garage doors Surrey, they said they could come by noon. the tech actually arrived just after 11. He told me right away that the springs were wrong, asked me how it had been working, and went about replacing the broken bracket and the springs and checking the rest of the components. After a little over an hour, everything was put together, cleaned up, lubricated, and working better than it has in years (if ever). And, I don’t have to worry about it all weekend, or try to wrestle with something I clearly don’t understand well enough to fix. I believe the price was very fair, the service was nearly instantaneous and effective.

John RaySurrey, BC
jessica robinson

We called Canadian garage Doors Surrey explaining our problem at 6pm and asked when they could come. they told us they ‘d leave in 15 minutes. the technician arrived promptly and went to work. He looked over the gear and told me it was the problem. He then installed a replacement gear and tested the system. Everything worked very well. He even took a credit card as payment. If you are considering having someone install or repair your garage door opener (or replacing a garage door), they are the company to go with. (When this garage door dies, I will be going back to him to install the new one!) Reliable, prompt and does quality work.

jessica robinsonSurrey