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The Best Garage Door Spring Repair

#1 Garage Door replacement

Springs are very vital components of any garage door system. And, any garage door requires a specific and compatible spring in order to operate in the best state possible. This only means that in case the spring malfunctions or was damaged, it would definitely affect the whole performance of your garage door. The result would be quite difficult to handle. You will be having a hard time opening the garage door manually as you will experience heaviness when it comes to weight.

With the above scenario, we are suggesting not to use the garage door anymore. Why?

In case you still proceed with the use of the garage door with broken and unstable springs, this might cause further damage not only to one area but to your opener and the whole garage door system. And, we bet you don’t like that to happen, right?

Are you thinking of repairing yourself?

Please don’t! That is not recommended! The problem in your spring might be easy at a glance. Take note that garage door springs use great tension in order to hold your openers. But, if you are not trained to do the repair or you do not have the proper and enough tools to do it, this might just result in not only damages to your garage door system but to you as well.  Your safety will always be our top priority.

Then what other option is left for you?

Well, you can call us for help! Overhead Door’s team will be at your back. You can ensure that we only give the best and nothing but the best when it comes to the following services.


The Replacement Of The Springs

There are a number of garage doors with two springs. If yours has two and only one got broken, you cannot be assured that the other is still safe to use.

That could also be nearing the end of its service life! After further evaluation and checking and it was found out that the springs will no longer work, we truly suggest replacing both. Replacing both extension springs at once ensures that the garage door will have a balance mechanism.

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Perfect Springs’ Installation

You should be aware that garage doors came in different types, sizes, looks, and specifications. Here, in Overhead Doors, we are always assuring that the perfect springs fitted to your garage door will be used. We always take your garage door type as a major consideration. Checking the used springs’ length, size, and type of course play a great role during replacement. You do not need to get bothered that we might commit mistakes here because after installation, we are to perform double checking to ensure that everything has been installed correctly and fine.

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Safety Is The Priority

We always take our customers’ safety as our priority. With this, after we completed your garage door springs’ replacement, our technician would also be doing inspections on all hardware and parts of your garage door just to ensure that everything works fine. We are also including safety cables every time we do spring repairs. This will help in preventing further injuries in case the garage unexpectedly breaks.

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How Can We Be Contacted?

If you wish to experience the professional skills you are looking for when it comes to garage door springs’ repair, Overhead Door should be the first one to call. We are happy to serve you 24/7! We are a team of amazing technicians and helpful staff who are always active for immediate services.


John Ray

One of my garage doors has been working very roughly, recently stopping repeatedly on the way down. I tried lubricating rollers and replacing the springs – which turned out to be the wrong size, per Home Depot – and got it to the point where it wouldn’t go down at all! I checked Angie’s List and picked this company, based on the ratings and reading the comments. I called around 10 AM today – Saturday – and reached Canadian Garage doors Surrey, they said they could come by noon. the tech actually arrived just after 11. He told me right away that the springs were wrong, asked me how it had been working, and went about replacing the broken bracket and the springs and checking the rest of the components. After a little over an hour, everything was put together, cleaned up, lubricated, and working better than it has in years (if ever). And, I don’t have to worry about it all weekend, or try to wrestle with something I clearly don’t understand well enough to fix. I believe the price was very fair, the service was nearly instantaneous and effective.

John RaySurrey, BC
jessica robinson

We called Canadian garage Doors Surrey explaining our problem at 6pm and asked when they could come. they told us they ‘d leave in 15 minutes. the technician arrived promptly and went to work. He looked over the gear and told me it was the problem. He then installed a replacement gear and tested the system. Everything worked very well. He even took a credit card as payment. If you are considering having someone install or repair your garage door opener (or replacing a garage door), they are the company to go with. (When this garage door dies, I will be going back to him to install the new one!) Reliable, prompt and does quality work.

jessica robinsonSurrey