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Did your garage door cable break and can’t figure out why? Leave the job to us, and we’ll make sure to get your cable back to its proper condition and functioning.

We, at Canadian Garage Door Repair, understand how you value security and functionality in your property. That is why we are here to provide for any of your garage door needs. From minor to complex door repairs, trust us to deliver you no less than excellent results.


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Torsion spring cables

This is the commonly used method to open garage doors. Torsion spring cables are attached to the bottom corners of the door and winds the spring up. The energy created when the torsion springs unwind helps to lift the garage door.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Extension spring cables

This is the ideal option if your garage does not have a lot of headroom. In this type of garage door cable, the extension spring is attached to the cable and the bottom corners of the door.  When the door is closed, the spring stretches; to open the door, the spring contracts.

safety cables

Safety cables

Safety cables are crucial for your garage safety. Whenever spring breaks, the safety cables keep the springs from falling and help avoid damages or injuries. These cables are attached to the door track near the pulleys.

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Understanding garage door cables

Being familiar with the working of the different structures or devices you install will help you respond promptly to emergencies. Understanding your garage door and it’s essential features, for instance, lets you identify repair warning signs and call the immediate help of licensed professionals. 

You may think your garage door cable is of no great importance, but that’s where you are wrong. Cables have an integral role in the proper operation of your garage door. They are fastened to the brackets at the bottom of the door and assist in lifting and lowering the garage door as needed. Garage door cables are categorized into three types: torsion spring cables, extension spring cables, and safety cables. Knowing what type of cable your garage door runs on can help you save time and money on repairs. 

When to call for a cable repair

However durable or resilient your installed garage door cables may be, they simply don’t last forever. When a cable breaks, your door will become crooked and either faulty or completely useless. Several situations lead to a broken or damaged garage door cable. These include old age, normal wear and tear, banging door, items jamming door tracks, faulty springs or drums, poorly adjusted spring tension, and broken garage door springs.

Three Signs You Have a Broken Cable

Your garage door can’t move.

If there are no broken springs or items blocking the door track, a failing garage door cable may be the reason why your garage door stops functioning completely. When a cable breaks, it triggers a safety mechanism that prevents the door from moving.

Your garage door moves unevenly.

A garage door slanting on one side is a clear sign of cable misalignment. This garage situation requires immediate attention from professionals to prevent accidents from happening.

Your garage door falls too fast.

Cables and springs are responsible for holding the entire weight of a garage door; thus, when either one of the two breaks, the door becomes dead weight. 

Our outstanding cable repair service

Are you dealing with the above-mentioned garage door cable problems at home or at your place of business? If yes, look no further for garage door professionals to hire and come to us at Canadian Garage Door Repair. We are a reputable garage door company with over 12 years of professional industry experience. Our garage door cable repair service is well-known among commercial, industrial, and residential clients because of the fast and efficient method we use. Every time you book a service with us, you rest assured that we will send you our high profile garage door technicians carrying the top-quality repair tools and equipment available in today’s market.

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John Ray

One of my garage doors has been working very roughly, recently stopping repeatedly on the way down. I tried lubricating rollers and replacing the springs – which turned out to be the wrong size, per Home Depot – and got it to the point where it wouldn’t go down at all! I checked Angie’s List and picked this company, based on the ratings and reading the comments. I called around 10 AM today – Saturday – and reached Canadian Garage doors Surrey, they said they could come by noon. the tech actually arrived just after 11. He told me right away that the springs were wrong, asked me how it had been working, and went about replacing the broken bracket and the springs and checking the rest of the components. After a little over an hour, everything was put together, cleaned up, lubricated, and working better than it has in years (if ever). And, I don’t have to worry about it all weekend, or try to wrestle with something I clearly don’t understand well enough to fix. I believe the price was very fair, the service was nearly instantaneous and effective.

John RaySurrey, BC
jessica robinson

We called Canadian garage Doors Surrey explaining our problem at 6pm and asked when they could come. they told us they ‘d leave in 15 minutes. the technician arrived promptly and went to work. He looked over the gear and told me it was the problem. He then installed a replacement gear and tested the system. Everything worked very well. He even took a credit card as payment. If you are considering having someone install or repair your garage door opener (or replacing a garage door), they are the company to go with. (When this garage door dies, I will be going back to him to install the new one!) Reliable, prompt and does quality work.

jessica robinsonSurrey