Recent incidents of burglary may have probably moved more homeowners to invest in a reliable garage door to keep their homes safe and secured from possible theft. Experts noticed a higher demand for garage door in the US and Canada recently. While there are many possible reasons why there is a spurt in demand, speculations include the rise in the number of police reports.

The cities of Austin and San Antonio have been under the spotlight these past days because of the rising number of thefts and burglaries. Authorities are pushing residents to become more attentive to their neighborhood and invest in advanced security systems including garage doors.

Uses of Garage Doors

Most residents make use of their garages to park their cars. While this is the most common way to use a garage door, there is an equally large number of people who uses their garages to store valuables. This is why it is highly advisable to invest in a garage door that’s secure and made from high-quality materials.
Police records say that most thefts break through the garage doors first before entering the home. This is a clear indication that homeowners should make sure a reliable garage door is installed.

3 Types of Garage Doors

With the high demand in the market, homeowners can find so many options when it comes to shopping for garage doors. Right now, there are 3 types of garage doors available: metal, wood and hybrid garage doors.

Metal garage doors are characterized by their resilience and stability. These often come in different colors and finishes which ranges from matte to glossy. Depending on the customers’ requirement, there are manufacturers that spray paint these garage doors in gold or silver giving it an antique Victorian look. Some metal doors are made from galvanized iron. These are given an anti-rust coating for longer life.

Wooden doors are usually made from quality wood such as oak, redwood, pine, birch or cedar. This is a more expensive option for homeowners as they are very aesthetically pleasing and looks so elegant. There are garage doors available in the market with engravings done on them making it look more “antique” as if it’s a restoration of an old masterpiece.

Today, the trend in the garage door market is to order custom garage doors from manufacturers which exactly match their style and preference. Prospects are usually invited to the manufacturers’ showroom so that they can personally see the full range of garage doors they offer and make a better buying decision.

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